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2005 Fylde custom Cittern

Fylde Guitars, Penrith, Cumbria, England

Cedar top, sapele (mahogany) back and sides, mahogany neck
Tuning: DADAD
Headway HE-1 pickup

My first 'pro' instrument was a Fylde long scale bouzouki I got back in 1999, just before we recorded the first malinky album, Last Leaves.

Since then I've played a couple of others including a short scale cittern I had for about 18 months before the kind folks at Lufthansa put a massive crack in the top on a flight to Germany. To replace it, I commissioned this non-standard instrument from Roger, essentially a 10-string bouzouki, the same length as the long-scale bouzouki Fylde makes.

It was quite a dark beast and I wrestled a little with the string gauges but it was a great touring workhorse especially with Emily Smith.

It also appears on the 2005 Malinky album 'The Unseen Hours', and in fact had to be delivered to the studio in Lochaber by my partner Ines Mayfarth who drove up from Edinburgh with it in a hire car in time to make it for the recording!

I sold this instrument in 2008 to make way for the Dreizehnter.

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