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2006 Seamus O'Kane Bodhrán

Seamus O'Kane, Lower Drum, Dungiven, County Derry

The bodhrán was my first instrument at the age of eight. I used to play it a lot with my cousin when we had our Corries tribute duo playing round the old folks clubs of Angus! I still have my first drum, a Scottish-made Ian S Doig which belonged to my older brother. It's over 20 years old now.

Needless to say in plenty informal sessions when I had a break from guitar or bouzouki, I'd invariably seek out Mark from Malinky's drum and have a go. Having learned quite a bit from watching Mark, as well as my old session pal Andy May, I made my first venture into the studio with the drum on the Complete Songs of Robert Burns vol 9, and then on my solo album Songs from Home, where it appears on 'Pawkie Adam Glen' and 'The Seaward Toon'.

Having borrowed drums for that, it seemed about time to get round to getting my own, and Mark helped me get hold of a Seamus drum (which he plays himself), held by many to be the best in the business. Seamus is now making drums with his son, hence the two signatures on my drum.

I also made my professional stage debut on bodhrán in December 06 in Groningen in the Netherlands, as poor Mark was carted off to hospital with severe flu, meaning I had to hold the fort! Got away with it, only just....

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