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1969 Martin D-18

Martin Guitars, Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA

This is an absolute gem. A piece of Scottish folk history.

I was given this guitar by a friend and former student colleague of mine, who was married to the late Derek Moffat of the McCalmans.

As a lifelong Macs fan, it goes without saying how chuffed to bits I was to be offered it.

I was told that it was 'an old guitar in the cupboard' and it turned out to be a Martin, the legendary American guitar maker. Upon getting it home and dating it, I discovered from the serial number it was from 1969. So it's now nearly 40 years old.

It's by no means in a roadworthy shape, and I do need to get some cracks repaired and probably a refret, but the tone of it is outstanding.

So while I don't take it on the road - yet - I have used it for recording. It is this guitar you hear Tore Bruvoll playing on the Songs from Home album.

In the bottom right, you'll see affirmation of its provenance - an old Macs set list!

I play this guitar every few days at home.

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